Exercising Before Breakfast is Best: Study

Exercising Before Breakfast is Best: Study

If you’re trying to trim those love handles, it’s best to get active early in the day.

Are you a morning lark? For night owls, the thought of dragging oneself out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to go for a jog or attend an early fitness class could sound downright repulsive. But if you rise early, this might actually be an attractive idea. And it could be what’s best for your health.

A new study done at the University of Bath in England has found that exercising before you eat your first meal of the day helps your body on many fronts. It allows you to burn more fat, and improves your body’s response to insulin. It can also lower your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

The study took place over 6 weeks and involved 30 men who were classified as either obese or overweight.

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“We found that the men in the study who exercised before breakfast burned double the amount of fat than the group who exercised after,” said Dr. Javier Gonzalez from the Department for Health at the University of Bath. “Importantly, whilst this didn’t have any effect on weight loss, it did dramatically improve their overall health,” he added.

According to the Mayo Clinic, experts recommend that for the best health benefits, people suffering from diabetes get 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. This includes activities such as fast walking, swimming laps and bicycling.

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