Enjoy Seeing the Down Side? Here Are the 4 Best Benefits of Being a Pessimist

Enjoy Seeing the Down Side? Here Are the 4 Best Benefits of Being a Pessimist

You think the boat’s going to sink, the crops won’t grow and the floors will probably cave in: even if we love to hate you,  you’re the much-needed pessimist.

Being an optimist is overrated. Sure, we all want our friends and family to be happy but when they pressure you into being a sunny sunshine face and you simply aren’t, it’s a bummer.

So, why not embrace who you really are? You’re actually a horrible Debbie Downer who thinks the world just might end tomorrow- and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, there’s some proof that it’s the way to go.

Here are 4 of the best benefits of being a pessimist:

1) You Don’t Get Disappointed

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If you find that you’re a pessimist, you’ll agree that you probably don’t end up being disappointed too often.

Sure, it happens- like when they’re out of Orange Crush soda at the convenience store and you’ve literally been waiting all week to crank that stuff back on the couch come Friday night- but really, it isn’t too often.

And you know why? Because you didn’t even expect too much in the first place. It’s true, you’re a low-baller.

You figured the convenience store would probably be stark out of your favorite drink anyways. They probably don’t have enough cash on-hand to do proper weekly orders, right? And why would anyone stock Orange Crush anyways??

2) You’re Better Prepared


If you believe it’s possible the world could end tomorrow and you’ve thought it all out in detail, you’re likely prepared for the worst. You’ve got a bomb shelter in the backyard-you dug it out before moving in- and there are jugs of water stockpiled by the shed so high, your kid can access the tree house by climbing right up.

Sure, it drives the neighbors nuts sometimes. They’ll learn to love it, though. In fact, they’ll really adore you once dooms day really does come- they’ll be lining up for a drink, and paying rent for a spot in the shelter.

You’re gonna have it made.

3) You’re Likely to Live Longer

Given that you’re ready for anything, chances are high that, as a pessimist, you’re going to live longer than the optimists sitting around you, enjoying the sun. You just simply take more precautions, which means you’ve got your lifeboat ready for use when the floods role in. And your sunscreen on.

4) You’ll Know Who Your True Friends Are


It’s true that people don’t generally like to be around a pessimist. It’s rather dull, and as Julie Norem, a psychology professor at Wellesley College in Massachusetts states in the Globe and Mail, it’s best to keep your venting to a minimum because “it’s depressing for them (your friends) and they feel obligated to cheer you up.”

That being said, if you’re a complainer you’ll know that those who do stick around are the real deal. Or, maybe they’re a pessimist themselves, and looking for some rewarding company.

The glass is half empty? Congratulate yourself on being a pretty useful person. And one only a select few actually want to chat with.

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