4 Fabulous Benefits of Eating Beets

4 Fabulous Benefits of Eating Beets

From increasing your fiber to improving your Hulk-like abilities, there are benefits all-around.

Beets are hilarious when you’re a kid. As one of the few foods that turn your pee red, they can be the source of hours of fun, with jokes and gags abounding. (Or was that just in our house?)

All laughs aside though, this vegetable is great for you not just in childhood, but throughout your life.

Here are 4 reasons to grab some beets at the supermarket:

1) They’re High in Folic Acid (Moms-to-Be Take Note)

 Beets have about 20% of your recommended daily intake of folic acid in just one 3.5-ounce serving. Yum!

2) They Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Beets are full of nitrates, which are said to do wonders for your body when it comes to blood pressure.

Dietary nitrates are converted to nitric oxide in your body, which is something that dilates your blood vessels, causing your blood pressure to drop.

It’s not a permanent solution, (if you’re looking for one), but consuming beets regularly can be a solid part of a healthy diet.

3) Beets Can Help You Get Ahead at the Gym

Oh, those nitrates again. These little guys also improve the efficiency of the mitochondria in your body. Mitochondria are responsible for producing the energy your cells burn.

Eating beets has been seen to improve the athletic performance of cyclists by almost 3%. OK, so we’re not talking ground-breaking performance enhancement, but it’s something.

4) They’ll Help Keep You ‘Regular’

The joys of fiber! As a vegetable, eating beets adds fiber to your diet, making your constipation less likely. Rejoice!

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