Valentine’s Day: 5 Amazing DIY Edible Underwear Recipes

Valentine’s Day: 5 Amazing DIY Edible Underwear Recipes

Looking to spice things up? Check out these recipes for DIY edible underwear, and give a unique gift this Valentine’s Day.

Trump is in, January is on its way out and Valentine’s Day is racing its way along the tarmac.

Which means chocolates, wine, flowers and a honey-sweet card to express your love and devotion. Boring.

This year, why not take matters into your own hands…or your mouth? Two words: edible underwear.

De-stress, deepen your emotional bonds, laugh and feel the wellness. Love can be delicious, and even more so when the sweet stuff is sitting in the right place.

Here are 5 delectable recipes for do-it-yourself edible Valentine’s Day underwear:

1) Fruit Roll Ups Bra


If you think fruit roll-ups are only for kids’ lunches and after-school snacks, think again. This crafty invention is perfect for making lingerie.

Follow this recipe for an exciting edible bra that calls for a single box of Fruit Roll-Ups and one of Fruit By The Foot.

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Use a regular, real bra as a template and trace the pattern on some paper, first. Cut it with kitchen shears, and roll it out with a rolling pin, bottle or can of soup. Wear and enjoy!

2) Cookie Bra


This eatable bra looks more like it sits on a platter waiting for a lover’s admiration, than an actually wearable for a woman’s chest. Maybe with the right straps it could be attached. Anyways, it could be a fun exercise to make the cookie together.

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What will you need? First, some plaster strips. They come in a box. Next, follow the instructions and make a plaster mold of your chest.

Once that’s done, cover the shape with aluminum foil and place your cookie dough over top. Bake and decorate!

3) Licorice Underwear


You knew this was what that red lace licorice really was for. The recipe requires some knitting skills, so if you’ve got those, hey, you’re good to go.

4) Caramel Underwear


This recipe involves brewing some caramel and drizzling it into a lacy pattern. You’re Definitely going to need to wait until it’s cooled to try it on. Ouch. It’s also going to be very sticky to wear, as well.

Personally, I would opt for the licorice lingerie, but this could be just as tasty.

5) Candy Bra


What list of edible underwear would be complete without rockets and candy jewelry? This recipe calls for makers to get their hands on those pink edible bracelets, and to free the candy beads by cutting the thread.

Re-thread the candy into the shape of a bra using some ribbon and following the instructions in the link. You’ve now got yourself a lovely crunchy, sexy bra.

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So, this is all great but what about the men? Of course, these recipes can be used to make a man’s G-string underwear as well- no gender specifications, here. Whatever gets the romance going.

And if these don’t seem like something for you, why not try some good old peanut butter or chocolate sauce. Follow these tips from Durex for using food effectively in the bedroom.

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