Why You Shouldn’t Reuse Cooking Oil

Why You Shouldn’t Reuse Cooking Oil

You could potentially subject yourself to deadly food poisoning.

Deep frying food at home is handy. You get to have that restaurant taste for a fraction of the price. But if you enjoy deep frying your own meals, be careful when it comes to reusing your oil.

Why can the practice be dangerous, even if it saves a few dollars? First of all, every oil has a smoking point. Some are higher than others, but food experts say that once your oil hits its own smoking point, it has started to break down and will no longer be safe to reuse. When an oil smokes it releases free radicals and trans fatty acids, things you don’t want to eat if you can avoid them.

In addition to this, bits of the food you are cooking can end up in the oil.

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You can strain them out, but if you miss any lingering bits, bacteria can feed off the particles of food. Following this, if you fail to refrigerate or freeze your oil properly, something called Clostridium botulinum can grow in your oil. This causes botulism. Yikes!

Why is this scary? Botulism causes fatal food poisoning. (Yes, Clostridium botulinum is also one of the active ingredients in Botox but before the stuff was made famous for cosmetic reasons, it was known for killing people. Weird, but stay clear. Botulism works by causing paralysis in your body. This prevents you from breathing and you die of respiratory failure. All for a French fry).

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