4 Dating Tips for Seniors

4 Dating Tips for Seniors

It’s all about trust, adventure and a new experience.

So, you’re back in the game-congratulations! Dating as a senior can feel exactly the same as it did years ago, and entirely different. You’ve grown into a different person, and life has already brought many lessons.

What are the dos and don’ts? Here are 4 tips for dating over 50:

1) Approach it as a New Phase

Some people feel that life shuts down as you age. You may no longer be working, and consider yourself outside of some activities. But being a senior doesn’t mean and end to fun. Lovetoknow.com suggests that you consider this time as a new phase in your life. In doing so, you open yourself to new possibilities and adventure.

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2) Be Patient

Life has taught you a lot already. You may feel that you know what works for you, and what doesn’t. This could apply not only to what you like for breakfast, but also to what you seek in a partner.

You may find that the first person you date really is the one. However, if you don’t, AARP advises that you be patient. There are many fish in the sea, at any age. Stick to your guns and find what you like. It’s a process that can take a little time.

3) Take Risks and Live in the Moment

Opening yourself up to a relationship with a new partner can be exciting but also nerve racking. Try to take the pressure off by living in the moment. Your new potential partner may be very different from your previous spouse.

4) Be Open to Equal Participation

Men, don’t be surprised if a woman wishes to pay for her own lunch. On the other hand, she still would appreciate it if someone held the door for her.

As lovetoknow.com states, many rules have changed, but some things are still the same.

And women- yes, ask him out on a date if you like. Take the lead, he may enjoy it. It’s all about being yourself and having a fun time.

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