Can You Tell How Smart Someone is by their Voice?

Can You Tell How Smart Someone is by their Voice?

First impressions are always huge when you’re interviewing for a new job or meeting new people, but did you know that the sound of your voice could be a tell-tale sign as to how smart you are?

New research suggests that your voice could be a gage for new employers as to how smart you are, according to a study by researchers at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and published in the journal Psychological Science.

For the study, the researchers used several experiments involving MBA students. They had the student give pitches to potential employers on video and then had the employers watch, listen or read transcripts of the pitches.

Overall they found that when giving a pitch, a person’s voice was more convincing of their intellect than when the words were written down. They described the students as intelligent, thoughtful, and competent simple by their voices alone, regardless of if video was included, as opposed to just reading their pitches.

The researchers believe that intelligence is not necessarily something that can be seen from a person but can be heard and picked up through cues in their voice.




Sources: Psychological Science
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