Canada is Turning 150, and Citizens Can Now Win a Car by Chopping Wood, of Course

Canada is Turning 150, and Citizens Can Now Win a Car by Chopping Wood, of Course

What do Canadians love to do for exercise? Hockey, volleyball and more, and now they can win prizes for participating.

If you didn’t already know, Canada is turning 150 years young this year. (Really, where has the time gone?)

And since its kids are unfortunately some of the least active in the world, the country is challenging its people to get off the couch, in celebration.

To mark the anniversary, the Canadian government has put together a list of how its inhabitants like to exercise. It’s called the ParticipACTION 150 Play List.

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The list was compiled by having Canadians vote almost half a million times on activities they liked.

And now, they’re being rewarded. Participants can try as many of the 150 activities on the list and win prizes.

(photo credit: An example of snow snake from the 2015 Ojibwe Winter Games, in Wisconsin)

Here’s how it works: Canadians can sign up online to participate in the party. They can do and check off as many of the 150 activities as they can, and win weekly, and monthly giveaways.

Prizes include draws for $100 gift cards, Canadian vacation adventures and even a brand new Chevrolet.

Sounds like fun. Maybe something every government should do.

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But for those individuals who can’t participate simply due to geographic location, the interest doesn’t lie in the chance to win a new car, does it? It’s all about curiosity.

So, what exactly DOES make those living in the far, white north, tick?


(photo credit:

What Canadians Like

Do they love bowling? How about sailing?? What do those Canucks actually like to do to keep moving, anyways?

Here’s your answer. They like to do a lot of things-and we’re not just talking about going for walks and gardening either, (although those activities do count on the contest list.)

The “ultimate list of 150 physical activities that define us as Canadian” involves everything from fishing to obstacle racing, to flying a kite.

Some of the more obscure activities you might not have heard of, even if you live in Canada.

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Things like snow snake, sledge hockey, ladder toss, slacklining, grounders, side reach, double ball, kin-ball, 5-pin bowling, stick pull, knuckle hop, highland games, one foot high kick, and shore line clean up, to name more than a few. (Yes, cleaning up the beach is (proudly) considered going to the gym, in Canada).


(photo credit:

To help make all activities accessible, there is a country-wide tour to help people out. Something called the ParticipACTION 150 Play List Crew has 100 tour stops planned coast-to-coast in 2017.

Activity stations are being hosted by the Government of Canada as well as large companies, in  communities, local schools, clubs and sports organizations. So, there’s little excuse for sitting things out.

Canadians can visit to search an interactive map and find tour stops and local community events and programs nearest them.

If you’re not Canadian but would like to join in and find out what the hype is all about, why not travel north for a visit?


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No, you’re not going to win the car… but you could practice your axe-wielding skills and maybe make some new friends along the way, eh? Not bad.

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