How to Introduce Sensuous Toys to Your Partner

How to Introduce Sensuous Toys to Your Partner

Thinking of branching out in the bedroom, but not sure how to approach the whole thing? Here are some tips from the experts, from talking about it to starting with a simple toy.

Sex toys are being used by people young and old. In fact, the Huffington Post reports that older women are snatching up “sensuous toys” at record rates, and it doesn’t look as though the trend is dying out.

Some women, like 65-year-old woman Joan, are searching to experience an orgasm for the first time before life is over and others just like to have their hands on more play, in the bedroom.

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For older couples, introducing toys into the relationship can take the pressure off men to perform, and for younger ones, it can provide new opportunities or reignite waning passions.

Here are 5 tips from the experts on how to introduce toys into your relationship, for the first time:

1) Talk About it First

Just like any large change in your relationship, if you’ve never used toys before, you’re both going to want to talk about it, first.

Maybe you had the idea on your own and your partner has no idea where your mind is wandering. Try to introduce the subject lightly, when you’re both relaxed. “What do you think about__?” “Have you ever tried___?”

Try watching a sexy video together, to get the ideas going. Sound casual, and be open to discussion.

2) Respect Your Partner’s View Point

If your partner doesn’t warm up to the idea, don’t pressure them. You don’t want to make this an issue that causes friction between you, but an opportunity for fun. Drop it and move on.

Revisit the subject some time later, to see if they’ve changed their mind about the whole thing. If they haven’t, let them know that it’s OK.

3) Start Simple

If you both decide to go ahead and dive into the world of sex toys, it can be good to start simple. Don’t overwhelm each other.

4) Pick the Right Time

Choose success, and that often means doing #1 and going from there. Mind you, if you think your partner will love the surprise, go for it. If you aren’t sure what their reaction will be, take it slow and talk.

5) Reassure Them You’re Not Finding a Replacement

Some individuals feel nervous that using toys means that their partner wishes to replace them with a battery and a piece of plastic. Reassure your partner that you are simply looking to add to the relationship, not abandon it.

After you try the basics, look for toys that can pleasure both of you at once, if you feel you’re up to it.

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