Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast is Great for Your Brain: Study

Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast is Great for Your Brain: Study

It can improve your thinking and make you more alert, researchers say.

Are you worried about ingesting too much sugar in your morning cereal? Do you find yourself cringing at the thought of a thick layer of delectable raspberry jam spreading out on your toast, or being forced to consume a chocolate croissant and an entire bottle of apple juice, before 9 am?

It’s time to leave that sugary anxiety in the dust. As it turns out, ice cream is what you really need. And the sweeter, the better a new study says.

A study published in Japan’s Excite News website on Tuesday says that eating ice cream for breakfast is actually good for your brain. (What it does for your waistline and arteries is another matter, but your head seems to like it).

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Prof. Yoshihiko Koga of Kyorin University lead the study and showed that the sugar rush provided by ice cream can result in increased alertness and better mental performance.

Researchers had participants eat ice cream immediately after waking up, and then also had them drink only water. When people ate ice cream first thing, they were better able to process information and had an increase in high-frequency alpha waves.

Yes, it goes against every bit of information you’ve been reading. Is it something you want to do every day? Maybe, maybe not. If you have a big test to take, an exam to attend or the conference of a lifetime waiting, a scoop or two could be worth it.

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