These 2 Surprising Traits Can Determine if You Find a Person Attractive or Not

These 2 Surprising Traits Can Determine if You Find a Person Attractive or Not

It’s obvious that how someone looks can be key in determining if you find them attractive or not. But what about how they smell and the sound of their voice?

Study author Agata Groyecka, a researcher at the University of Wroclaw in Poland, has found there’s a reason we love perfume and a deep voice.

Groyecka and her team recently performed a review on over 30 years of literature around attractiveness in humans. It was found that our nose and ears are just as important as our eyes when it comes to attraction.

The study didn’t detail how, but somehow humans are able to detect a wide range of characteristics about a person, just by hearing their voice. Apparently, you can tell is someone is a dominant person, cooperative, and in a good frame of mind by the way they sound. You can also guess their body size, based on sound, alone.

Various traits including a person's smell and voice make us find them attractive.

When it comes to your nose, Groyecka says that your sense of smell works with your eyes to help you produce and stronger reaction to the person in front of you.

Are they great looking and they smell fantastic? You’ll remember them for time immortal.

Looking good but seeming a bit musty? The person might stick in your mind until you walk out to the car but you might into someone else by the time reach the grocery store.

Groyecka says she hopes that her team’s findings will encourage more research into the role that our vision and sense of smell play in the social connections we make in our daily lives.

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