6 Ways to Regain Bladder Control and Relax

6 Ways to Regain Bladder Control and Relax

Suffering from a leaky body can be embarrassing and a hassle but it’s treatable.

Having a leaky bladder is a common problem. Ask any room full of seniors (and women who recently gave birth, for that matter) if they experience problems with leakage, and many hands will rise.

According to the CDC over half of all women aged 65 and over, and up to 30% of men in the same age group experience some form of incontinence.

It can limit your activities as well as your confidence, but it doesn’t have to. What can you do about it?

Thankfully there are solutions that come in a wide range of options. Here are 6 ways to regain control of your body and life through better bladder control:

1) Check Your Meds

Sometimes your medication could be causing your urine to leak. Side effects of many pills could be responsible for your incontinence and it can pay to talk to your doctor about the issue.  A professional can determine the cause of your problem, and offer the best help possible.

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2) Keep a Urination Diary

Losing bladder control is common as you age, and treatment is available.

Incontinence can be caused by a condition such as a urinary-tract infection or diabetes but it can also be a muscle-related issue. Your bladder muscles may simply have trouble keeping urine in.

Some experts recommend that you keep a diary of when you go to the bathroom and when you experience leakage, allowing you to track what your body is doing.

If you can, write things down and slowly increase the time you take between visits to the bathroom. This can help your bladder last for longer and hold your urine more effectively.

3) Cut Down on Caffeine and Alcohol

It’s the usual culprits: coffee and beer, and all those other lovely drinks. Both caffeine and alcohol can cause your kidneys to produce more urine than they do when you simply drink water, setting the stakes higher for your bladder control.

Try cutting back on the extras and see if it makes a difference.

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4) Eat More Fiber

Medical professionals say that being constipated can make it harder for you to hold your pee. The pressure on your bladder can make things worse. The solution? Reach for oatmeal, fruits and veggies during the day to help you clear your system regularly.

5) Try Kegels

Otherwise known as pelvic floor exercises, Kegels are contractions that women often do after giving birth to return strength to the pelvic area. If you leak urine when you cough, sneeze, lift heavy objects or engage in exercise, this could be your savior.

For tips on how to do them properly, click here and start your daily regime.

6) Talk to Your Doctor About Medication

Sometimes incontinence can be remedied by taking medication. Consult with your doctor. If you’ve tried other routes and they’ve failed, medication could be an option. Being dry doesn’t have to be a privilege-remember, help is out there.

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