This is the Best Way to Fend Off a Cold

This is the Best Way to Fend Off a Cold

With the end of summer, the start of school, and snow on the horizon, it only means one thing:

Germs are coming.

Your kids going back to school equates to more germ exposure for you and your family. The risks of catching a cold, developing a sinus infection, or coming down with the flu, significantly increases at this time of year.

And if you or a family member is coming down with a sickness or sniffles, the secret remedy doesn’t lie in your medicine cabinet. In fact, the best combatant against colds – before they become infectious, or a full-blown flu – is a device that’s been around for a while, saving hundreds of doctor’s trips for its users.


A humidifier, if you can believe it, can be a difference maker, without risks or side effects, too.

Why is it effective?

“Mucous membranes are made to be wet. When you have a cold, help them stay moist with a humidifier so they can focus on fighting the infection,” says Dr. Aaron Duberstein, an otolaryngologist.

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It’s safe to use daily, if you choose, keeping a wealth of health concerns at bay – including sinusitis, nosebleeds, and allergies. Duberstein suggests using distilled water in the humidifier for maximum purification.

Again, it’s not a new invention, but today’s humidifiers are much more developed than those of the past. Newer models are quieter, easier to fill, and can run all night without waking you up.

Yes, you can finally breathe through your nose again!

Photo credit: Tero Vesalainen/Shutterstock

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