The Most Bizarre Food Trends of 2018

The Most Bizarre Food Trends of 2018

As we enter 2019, we should reflect on all the food trends we had to stomach (for better or worse) over the past 12 months.

Some were excellent – plant-based proteins and gut-friendly foods dominated Google searches, for example – while some were just downright strange.

Here are three of those most bizarre we encountered in 2018 (and will hopefully stay there, too):

Avocado Buns

When two big food trends clash, a monstrosity like this is what you get. Combining the ever-popular avocado with the equally hip keto and paleo diets results in none other than an avocado bun.

This avo-style burger as seen here in New York City’s Avocaderia shouldn’t make lettuce too nervous as its replacement.

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Mushroom-Infused Coffee

Say no to sugar and cream, and say yes to fungus in your next cup of Joe. It’s what you were missing from your mornings all along: Four Sigmatic’s line of mushroom elixirs that boast an array of health benefits.

Each coffee mix brings different benefits to the breakfast table, from increased productivity to help with athletic performance. Your move, sugar/cream/honey/whatever.

Activated Charcoal


Surfacing across foodie events in Canada during the summer of 2018, activated charcoal was everywhere this year. The ink-black superfood made regular appearances in ice creams, hamburger buns, and lattes near you, it’s said to help you in many ways from whitening teeth to curing hangovers to lowering cholesterol to fighting crime (the last one is a joke, but you never know).

Oral Care Iced Tea

Iced tea is no longer just quenching thirst. Manufacturer qii made an iced tea brew that introduced a brand new application: keeping teeth healthy.

According to the brand website, its iced tea is “the world’s first drink proven to eliminate plaque,” and is said to “remove up to 52 per cent of plaque” by drinking just one serving. If it’s cheaper than Listerine, we think they’re onto something here.

Photo Credit: Elenora Tuveri/; Elena Schweitzer/

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