5 Gifts of Wellness for Mother’s Day

5 Gifts of Wellness for Mother’s Day

If you want to give something other than flowers, chocolate or clothing this year, check out these healthy Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to make her feel great.

Mother’s Day is about to dawn. If you haven’t bought something yet but still wish to please, consider this list of gifts that are almost free and feel awesome to receive. Your mom gave you life so why not make hers feel wonderful.

Here are 5 gifts of wellness to bring light and love to mom this year:

1) DIY Foot Massage


Getting a good foot massage is believed by some to prevent injuries, improve your circulation, increase your energy, relieve your stress and even prevent diseases. In fact, getting a great foot rub goes all the way back to ancient Egypt.

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How can you give a good one to mom?

Check out these instructions from the Good Wellness Center on providing a Shiatsu or Reflexology Foot Massage, and she’ll be asking for one every Sunday.

2) DIY Facial

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Facials done at home can be fabulous. You can do a great one using common, household ingredients or go for spa-quality treatment. Either way, your mom will relish the fresh feelings that cleansing, exfoliating, toning, treating, and moisturizing can bring.

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If you want to use brand-name products, check out Allure’s DIY Spa-Level Facial, or Elle’s transformative facial. To go au-naturel, follow these instructions outlined by Lauren Conrad and use whatever products you like.

Check out David Suzuki’s advice for environmentally sound cosmetic and facial solutions.

3) Back Massage Done Right

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You can pay some very good money for a back massage….or you can watch YouTube for tips on how to do it yourself. If you don’t have a massage table, use a bed or lie on the kitchen table, with some pillows.

4) Hiking


Love the outdoors? Take your mom on a hike-it’s a great way to bond and spend some quality time in nature.

Check out the American Hiking Society to find a hike in your area.

5) The Sound of Silence


This one is just like the Visa ads say, “priceless”. A couple of hours in the day to herself to do whatever she chooses could be just what a busy mom wants.

If you’re relying on her for something today, do it yourself. Tell her she needs to put those groceries down, drop the laundry and get outside. Tell her to go anywhere. Mom officially has some time in silence to herself today, to do whatever she pleases.

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Maybe she wants to hide out in the living room with a book, walk in the park, or visit the local pub: whatever makes her tick. She has the right to a bit of free time, and to make as quiet- or loud- as she sees fit.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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