Is staying inside all day bad for your health?

Is staying inside all day bad for your health?

Hardcore, pro gamers know all too well about being inside all day. Seeing as it’s their job to game competitively, they’ll spend full work days cooped up, mastering the mechanics of their game of choice. Along with the fun factor, it’s reasonable to avoid the unknowns of the outdoors when being inside is both comfortable & lucrative.


Constantly staying indoors, however, whether you’re gaming or not, will have its effects on your health eventually.

The largest problem with absolute solitude and going full hibernation mode means very little, if any, exposure to the sun. Sunlight is known to improve mood, and help the body produce vitamin D, which both regulates the immune system and reduces body inflammation. Sunlight also regulates your body’s internal clock, maintaining your circadian rhythm that regulates appetite, sleep schedule, and energy levels.

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And no, electric lighting is no substitute for the real thing: excessive exposure to man-made lighting can actually throw off your body’s internal systems.

health-benefits-of-being-outside-sunlightAside from the downsides of being indoors all day, there’s also a boon of health benefits that being outside in nature can provide. Going out for some fresh air helps with depression symptoms, boosts energy levels, and improves overall well-being. A study from the University of Glasgow in Scotland suggested similar results: they found people who walked, ran, or biked in nature had a significantly lower risk of poor mental health than those who exercised indoors.

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It’s understandable that there are just those gloomy, lethargic days that make you anti-outdoors – there’s no harm in that, as one day inside won’t affect you. Just don’t make hibernation a habit! Even a mere 20 minutes of ‘ecotherapy’, as some call it, will do wonders for your mind and body.

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