We Bet You Haven’t Noticed the Difference Between These Two Fruits

We Bet You Haven’t Noticed the Difference Between These Two Fruits

They’re both small, sweet, delicious, and nutritious.

So are blackberries and black raspberries more or less the same?


“Blackberry” isn’t a shorthand for “black raspberry” – they’re both their own fruit!


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Here’s how to tell them apart:

  • Let’s get the obvious out of the way: if it looks like a raspberry, but it’s black, well then it’s a black raspberry. Look for the hollow center and tiny outer ‘hairs’ that are synonymous with red raspberries.
  • If your berry has a white or green core where it was attached to the stem, and smooth, glossy flesh, it’s a blackberry.
  • Blackberries are usually larger than black raspberries.
  • In a final taste test, black raspberries are sweeter while blackberries are more tart.

What’s better for your health?


Berries of any kind tend to be nutritional powerhouses, and this berry pairing is no exception. A cup of either blackberries or black raspberries packs eight grams of fiber and about half of the vitamin C you need daily.

Black raspberries also contain antioxidants which battle inflammation. They can also help improve your cholesterol levels and slow the development of heart disease.

Blackberries offer vitamin K, which help keep your bones strong, and its high manganese levels keep your blood pressure in check.

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