This Man in Canada Just Ate a 6-Pound Donair

This Man in Canada Just Ate a 6-Pound Donair

A new champion is on the scene and he’s racking up winning points with every bite.

Ever felt like eating a huge donair, often known as a shawarma? Apparently many have. In fact, some have gone so far as to attempt to eat a 6-pound version of the tasty Turkish or Lebanese sandwich in under an hour.

Up until recently, no one actually completed the challenge, however. But on May 24th, 2018 history took a turn.

Joel Hansen of Sydney, Nova Scotia in Canada successfully chewed and swallowed an entire 6-pound donair in 28 minutes and 30 seconds.

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He did it at Alexandra’s Pizza on Charlotte Street adding to his growing list of food challenges. (Hansen has also eaten enormous burgers, pizzas and bowls of ramen noodles).

How does he do it? Hansen, a graduate student in food and nutrition says he prepares both mentally and physically. In his mind, he aims to dominate. With his body, he works out as a power lifter, and eats moderately between challenges, in order to curtail any unwanted weight gain.

He also stretches his stomach with a huge meal about 24 hours before any contest, and then takes in only liquids before diving into the real thing on the day of the challenge.

What about amazing women at the dinner table? Yes, they do exist.

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