5 Reasons Doctors Should be Asking You About Your Sexual Health

5 Reasons Doctors Should be Asking You About Your Sexual Health

Don’t be shy – it’s time to talk to your doctor about your sex life. Here are five great reasons you should open up to your doc about your sexual health.

A new study out of the U.S states that the general understanding of the importance of sexual health and sexual satisfaction in U.S. adults is limited.

True? Maybe. I’ll say this: yes, many of us don’t talk openly with our health care providers about our sex lives. Even when problems arise, many people prefer to tackle the issue on their own before turning to professional help.

But maybe a good chat with a doctor is the best thing to get the ball rolling.

Why is your sexual health something that medical professionals should be talking about with you?

Check out these 5 reasons.

1) Consensual Sex Makes Life Better and Happier


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A good sex life is something that many U.S adults rate as a highly important aspect of quality of life. A study done in Canada in 2015 showed that having regular sex as a couple was more important to the success of a relationship than money. Couples who made love once a week were rated as happiest.

2) Sex Makes You Smarter


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 Having sex has been proven to actually restore age related decline in the brain. A study out of the university of Maryland showed that consistent sex generates brain cells in the hippocampus, potentially improving a person’s memory.

3) Sex Protects You From the Ravages of Stress


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Similar to the way that sex can improve your thinking by restoring function in aging areas, it can decrease the effects of stress on your brain.

Studies have shown that having frequent sex increases the level of hormones in your body that work to lower corticosterone levels- the hormones that come out during stress.

4) Having Frequent Sex Can Boost Your Immune System

immune defense While having sex with the wrong person can result in an attack on your immune system, (STIs), with the right person, frequent frolicking intercourse can actually work to boost your immune system.

Studies show that this, in turn, can also make women more likely to get pregnant- not just because you’re having sex, but because frequent sex increases a women’s Type 2 T-cells, which helps to make a more hospital environment in the uterus for conception.

5) Sex Can Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep


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The importance of getting a good night’s sleep is well known. Anyone whose tried to do anything of the smallest ounce of importance after a restless night can attest to this, (just about everyone).

So, anything besides getting more shuteye that can be of aid is more than welcomed, for those of us who toss and turn til the cows come home. Sex, apparently, can help. Studies have successfully shown that a good romp after a hard day’s work can help both men and women relax enough to fall into a smooth slumber.

So, sex is important to most of us and can bring many benefits. In light of this, researchers are arguing that doctors should include questions on sexual health as a routine part of medical assessments with patients.

What do you think? Health care systems do have a commitment to improving patients’ overall health. Does sexual health fall in the ‘need to know’ category? Food for thought.

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