Are You a Supertaster? Here Are the Benefits

Are You a Supertaster? Here Are the Benefits

Are you a supertaster? If you can really sweet and bitter tastes, you may very well be one. And there are a few benefits that will leave a great taste in your mouth.

What is a supertaster? Scientifically, it’s someone who has a greater ability to detect sweet flavors as well as bitter ones.

You can find out for yourself if you are one by taking this test at home. The chances are high(ish) that you are one. The BBC states that one in four people are supertasters and so, the odds are pretty good.

Well, better than winning the lottery.

And this can actually really suck.

Because being a supertaster can be a drag. Bitter flavors jump out with so much more force, and friends and family think you’re an ultra-picky diva monster who just wants to ruin Sunday dinner.

But it also has its benefits. Here are a few:

1) You Probably Won’t Go Crazy With the Wine


Supertasters are extra sensitive to acidic, sharp tastes. Some even complain that alcohol leaves a burning sensation in their mouths, and so if you are a supertaster, you’re not likely to consume much alcohol. Which can be a good thing.

2) It Might Be Easier to Keep Your Weight Down


Fatty foods are also known to be unappealing to supertasters. So, you get to enjoy your dense taste buds AND stay slim.

3) Your Sweet Tooth Won’t Come Knocking


Supertasters shun the super-sweet. No late-night donut runs or venti mochaccinos for this bunch. Supertasters get to save the cash and have a tea with milk.

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4) You’ll Suffer From Less Indigestion While Watching the Game


These folk are also known to stay away, far away, from spiciness. So while the gang is downing hot Buffalo wings while watching the match, you’ll find you can pass on the meat…and the Tums.

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