Women With Better Body Awareness Feel More Aroused in Sex: Study

Women With Better Body Awareness Feel More Aroused in Sex: Study

It may sound simple but now science has confirmed it: women who have more body awareness report experiencing more arousal during intimate moments.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin is behind the revelations.

Sounds kinky? Maybe!

Scientists asked 26 women to watch an erotic film while having their physiologic and perceived genital sexual arousal levels measured continuously.

This was done using something called a vaginal photoplethysmograph and an “arousometer”, and also by having the women answer questions through self-reporting.

The results? Interestingly, the researchers found that women who reported having more “interoceptive awareness” were also able to feel the sexual arousal in their genitals more than others.

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So, in essence, some women were aroused physically in their genital area and the vaginal photoplethysmograph could measure this, but these women didn’t necessarily really “feel” it.

Others who were more “interoceptively aware” could feel the actual physical arousal more.

So, what is interoceptive awareness, and how can you get more of it, if you want it? According to the University of London, it’s the awareness of one’s body, and a sense of “being me”. It’s a sense of body ownership.

And like so much else, it seems to be linked to mindfulness. According to massagemag.com, a massage therapist can help teach clients to be more aware of their inner sensations, through touch.

woman's body awareness sex

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Not that women should go get the equivalent of a rub-and-tug for better sensations in bed, but setting aside some regular time periods for inner reflection, self care and, well, a simple massage can help to increase overall interoceptive awareness.

There’s no time like the present to become more “bodily literate”.  If you’re into it, check out this info on the benefits of mindful awareness in bodily-oriented therapy. (MABT)

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