4 Strength Training Mishaps to Avoid

4 Strength Training Mishaps to Avoid

Building lean muscle mass is important for everyone, especially as we age and the need to remain active and independent becomes priority.

To maximize the benefits of strength training, one of the better ways to increase lean muscle mass, be sure you’re not making these mishaps:

  • Letting your momentum dictate your workouts. Powering through repetitions at a fast pace means you’re using momentum rather than controlled muscle movement to do those reps. To get the most out of each exercise, take two to three seconds to lift the weight, and three to four seconds to return to the starting position.


  • Not completing a full range of motion. You’re not getting full exercise benefits if you’re not being careful through your movements from starting position to full extension, regardless of the exercise. If you can’t perform a movement through a full range of motion, you’re lifting weight well beyond your ability.


  • Changing routines too often. This is actually setback to your fitness because you’re not giving muscles time to react. Try not to jump to different exercises just because you’re not seeing immediate results. Slow and steady wins the race. Getting desired results can take anywhere from one to three months!

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  • Not changing routines enough. Confused? Well, not updating your routine ever can hold back your progression. Even simply increasing the weight you’re lifting can be enough, but that may be a time to move onto more complex exercises, or switching from machines to free weights.

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