How to Soak in Himalayan Pink Salt

How to Soak in Himalayan Pink Salt

Mined from ancient sea beds in the Khewra Salt Mine  found in the Punjab Region of Pakistan, Himalayan Pink Salt can be the perfect solution to your body’s mineral needs.

Hippocrates, the great father of modern medicine, encouraged his fellow healers to immerse their patients in salty sea water, treating everything from aching muscles to arthritis-a practice similar to soaking in Epsom salt.

Soaking in Himalayan Pink Salt follows this ancient practice and can also be very effective as a detoxifying solution.

Nature’s Leveler

Soaking brines claim to detoxify the body via osmosis. The belief is that the sodium binds water molecules to the outer layer of your skin, keeping all moisture preserved inside. Your skin absorbs the healthy minerals from the salt into your body as toxins are released through your cells as you soak.

The Recipe For Success

It’s recommended to keep the soaking solution as close as possible to normal body temperature, which is approximately 97 degrees Fahrenheit.

Add 2.2 lbs of Himalayan salt to every 26 to 32 gallons of water.

Relax, soak and enjoy!

In Short

Soaking in Epsom salt, or regular salt can also have it’s benefits. The allure of Himalayan Pink Salt over these is that it doesn’t contain the same additives to prevent clumping as regular table salt, and it is said to contain up to 84 minerals in total, giving your body an extra boost.

The renowned pink rock salt contains iron, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, chloride and potassium, and contains traces of fluoride, boron, iodine, selenium, zinc, and copper.

After a long bike ride, or simply as part of a weekly routine, soaking in Himalayan Pink Salt can have rejuvenating and detoxifying benefits.


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