From Beer to Wine and Spirits, Alcohol Changes Your Mood: Study

From Beer to Wine and Spirits, Alcohol Changes Your Mood: Study

Aggression, sexiness, sadness and a feeling of relaxation were all reported when consuming different types of alcohol.

Are you drinking to be in a better mood? So are some other people.

A recent study written about on highlights the fact that many people have a glass of beer or wine to relax. And while not all alcohol has the same effect on everybody, some generalizations were found.

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Close to 30,000 people between the ages of 18 and 34, hailing from 21 different countries participated in the anonymous survey, with results published in the journal BMJ Open.

Each person reported on how drinking made them feel. Here’s what researchers found, for each type of alcohol:

1) Beer

Drinking beer made the participants feel more relaxed, generally speaking.

2) Wine

Red wine and white wine had different effects. Red made the participants feel more lethargic than white, and also more relaxed.

3) Spirits

Drinks like Vodka, gin and Tequila had a different effect. These made over 40% of the respondents in the survey feel “sexy”, and more than 50% said spirits made them feel energized and confident. About a third also said they made them feel aggressive, as well as sick, restless and sad.

On the whole, men who drank were significantly more likely to feel aggressive compared with women, especially if they were heavy drinkers.

The researchers conducting the study concluded that people who drink heavily may be doing so to alter their mood, something that contributes to an addictive habit.

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