3 Ways the Eclipse Might Affect Your Period

3 Ways the Eclipse Might Affect Your Period

Having your period sync with the eclipse is all the rage- is it possible, though?

I know, this is total B.S. Everyone’s talking about it but really, it sounds ridiculous. The Great American Eclipse can definitely stop traffic, bring on the night and create a great sense of awe in human beings but it certainly can’t get near your menstrual period.

Or, can it?

From Bustle.com to Marie Claire.com, Allure.com and others, writers all over are chatting up a storm about the possibility of the moon connecting with female hormones and a woman’s blood. No, none of it is tied to actual science.

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For fun, here’s a peek at what they say anyways, and how modern magazines feel the eclipse could actually influence your period:

1) The Lunar Cycles and Your Period Match

Both the cycles of the moon and those of the female body are about 28 days. Bustle.com points out that, since the two have been connected in our psyche throughout human history, and they both involve tides, it would “stand to reason that an event as momentous as a total solar eclipse would have a pretty significant impact on our period”.

Make of it what you may.

2) Women Are Feeling Weird

Can the eclipse affect your period?

“My period’s literally been like clockwork for years, but for the last month it’s been bizarre,” Tamar Lesnoy, 29, is quoted as saying on Marie Claire.com. “Never in my life has that happened,” she admits.

Maybe Tamar has actually been going to the gym more often this month, eating too much soy or her body is changing as she ages, but no one can doubt that something was in the air today and it looked like a delicious crescent roll. And perhaps her period didn’t like it.

3) Experts Are Open to It

The mere fact that an expert states something makes it fact, right?

Allure.com states that women’s health specialist and licensed acupuncturist Kristen Burris has said she “remains open to one day finding out that there is indeed scientific evidence of a menstruation-moon connection”.

OK, so she did also admit that “if our cycles did align with the moon’s, more strangers’ cycles would align with each other’s instead of being distributed randomly across the month”, so it’s not a total hit.

As Allure.com rationally concluded, this eclipse/period hype is actually unfounded. It is a dazzling idea, though.

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