3 Reasons to Love Strawberries Even More

3 Reasons to Love Strawberries Even More

Being juicy, red, delicious and perfect on ice cream aren’t the only reasons you should grab a pack of strawberries for your fridge.

It’s easy to get your hands on fresh strawberries at any time of the year now, with farms in warmer climates keeping everyone in stock, but you may have noticed these berries are a bit different. Just the other day I saw one about the size of an apple, so needless to say, some heavy genetic engineering is going on.

You might have also noticed that these guys are a lot less juicy than those grown locally. Why this is, I can’t say scientifically but what I do know is that if you can get your hands on some pick-your-own berries once the summer starts, you won’t forget them.

Strawberries picked by your own hands, on your own time tend to be more loved, juicier, a lot smaller and packed with more flavor.

Here are 3 reasons to get some once they’re ripe:

1) Vitamin C


Strawberries are jam packed with vitamin C, and can be great at boosting your immune system. One cup of strawberries contains about 100% of your daily recommended intake.

2) Anti-Oxidants

Strawberries are full of cancer-fighting anti-oxidants. Eat them and let these useful fighters scavenge for your free-radicals and neutralize them, protecting your cells.

3) A Healthy Heart

If you’re afraid of high cholesterol, strawberries are your new best friend. They can also counteract the build up of plaque in the arteries.

Get some while they’re fresh and freeze them to have over ice cream, on top of cake or just on their own.

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