Why You Get Skin Tags

Why You Get Skin Tags

You know those little pieces of skin that can pop up on your body? Those tiny tags you might find dangling off your upper arms, neck or someplace else?

Almost half of the population gets them. So that’s the first thing: rest assured, you’re not the only one. But as harmless as they seem, many of us are left wondering how the heck they got there in the first place.

Here’s the low-down: those in the know report that skin tags are thought to come about in places where one part of your skin rubs on another. Because of this, you can often find them near any folds or creases on your body (but not always).

What they actually are, are tiny benign (harmless) tumors. Once they’ve established themselves they usually don’t grow over time.

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Do you need to worry about one, if it’s there? Usually, no. Skin tags are pretty much harmless in most cases. They can run in families, and can occur more often in people with elevated blood sugar, and in pregnant women.

Generally speaking though, these tiny things won’t do you any harm. They can become a nuisance when you’re shaving, or when something you’re wearing rubs on them, and if this is the case you can talk to your doctor about having them removed.

Thankfully, this is easy. It can be done quickly with a surgical knife, or they can be frozen or burnt off using proper medical tools, wielded by a professional.

Or, you can keep them as a sign of character. Like snowflakes, every skin tag is unique.

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