Healthcare is Now America’s Largest Employer

Healthcare is Now America’s Largest Employer

From medical secretaries to surgeons, personal care workers and dentists, more people have jobs in the medical field now than ever before.

Thinking of changing careers? If helping others and working in the medical field sounds appealing to you, you’re in luck.

The population in the U.S is aging and with it, jobs related to medicine are multiplying like rabbits.

In fact, growth is said to be so rapid that just recently- for the first time ever in American history- there were more jobs to be found in the healthcare sector than in either manufacturing or retail. These are two of the country’s biggest employers of the past century.

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What jobs are out there? Being a medical secretary is an ever-growing option, as well as becoming a personal-care aide or a home-health aide. If you have a talent for working with people, and you possess the patience and skills to help the elderly with everyday activities like having a bath and getting dressed, this could be for you.

What about jobs that pay higher salaries? The reports that the fastest growing job in this category in the U.S is being a registered nurse.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics feels that, based on current growth, 5 out of 10 of the fastest growing jobs in the next ten years will be in health care and assisting senior citizens.

So, listen up high school students and those seeking a new path. There’s never a better time to set new goals than right now.

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