Turn Back Time on Your Metabolism

Turn Back Time on Your Metabolism

The metabolism and ability to burn calories that you once has as a teen could be within reach again, new research suggests.

Turning back the clock on your body’s metabolism to what it once was could be possible, according to a study by from McMaster University in Hamilton and published in Nature Medicine.

Researchers believe they have discovered a way to return the body’s metabolism levels from a younger age, allowing them to eat and burn calories at the rate they did during their teenage years.

They found that by inhibiting the production of the hormone serotonin allows brown adipose tissue, which is a fat, to burn more calories. This brown fat plays an important role in burning calories and increasing the body’s basal metabolic rate, the resting rate at which someone burns calories.

Diets that are high in white fats, the kind that are stored throughout the body, raise levels of the hormone serotonin and inhibits brown fat activity.  This is one of the reasons that the body’s metabolism slows down as you age and put on weight.

The findings could lead to possible treatment for obesity as well as aid in preventative measures for people with diabetes, allowing the body’s metabolic rate to increase without the negative side effects of increasing the heart rate or blood pressure.

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