Try these News Ways of Exercising if You Hate the Gym

Try these News Ways of Exercising if You Hate the Gym

Going to the same gym and doing the same routine day after day is boring.

The monotony will lead to dwindling motivation, a negative attitude towards working out, and achieving your fitness goals become that much harder.

While exercise is vital to your general health and wellbeing, if you do find yourself becoming bored, you should switch things up. The worst thing you can do is go into a workout with a negative attitude. Training should be fun, and your activities should motivate you.

There are a lot of ways you can mix up your fitness routine – starting with these three ways to liven things up.

Take a Group Fitness Class

If you’ve had enough with those same-every-day workouts, group fitness classes were made for you. It’s a great way to meet like-minded individuals, and you may even make a few friends throughout the program. Spinning, barre, and kickboxing are all the rage right now.

Play in the Park


Like a grade-schooler, you can change the park into your own jungle gym. The park can change things up by forcing you into bodyweight exercises, like pull-ups or dips on the monkey bars.

Bodyweight training is an excellent way to squeeze solid workouts in short amounts of time; you can even customize your fitness routine every day so it’s boredom-proof.

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Workout with a Friend

If you dread the gym, it’s a lot easier with a companion suffering alongside you than going it alone.

Skip happy hour (we know, we know, sacrilegious), socialize, and get in a solid workout all in one go. Studies show that working out with a buddy makes physical activity more enjoyable, and more motivating.

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