Watching Old Reruns? This is How It Could Be Good For You

Watching Old Reruns? This is How It Could Be Good For You

For those suffering from dementia, familiar emotions can be uplifting.

Most of us have at least one or two favorite movies, and songs that will always stay in our hearts. According to experts, when it comes to film, it’s often not the sets or specific characters that really stick in our memory, but rather the emotional content of the story that stays with us. 

And if you’re living with someone who has dementia, this matters. 

Why? Because connecting with a loved one who suffers from a disease like Alzheimer’s or Lewy Bodies can be difficult. They may be losing their abilities with language, and it can be hard for them to participate in conversations, especially when it comes to larger gatherings with friends and family.

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In the latter stages of dementia, many patients have lost the ability to interact through conversation entirely.  Connecting non-verbally is important. If you know your loved-one’s favorite TV shows, movies or music, enjoying it together can be rewarding for you both. 

It’s the emotional memories that count. 

“Gathering the family round to watch a much-loved classic film, thumb through an old photo album, play a family game or even sing along to a favourite carol can bring people together and help everybody feel part of the fun,” said NHS England’s national clinical director for dementia, Prof Alistair Burns, in an interview with 

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