Toy recalls: how to find a safe holiday gift

Toy recalls: how to find a safe holiday gift

Toy recalls an help keep you and your family safe.

Finding the right toys to give as gifts this holiday season can seem relatively straightforward. If your budget allows, once you know a child’s preferences most purchases can be easily researched online. Orders can be made with just a few clicks and delivered right to your own front door. You can also go the old-fashioned route and trudge to the nearest store in-person with cash in hand. 

What may not be at the forefront of your mind is the safety of the toys, kids apparel, or other goods that you buy. Each year a wide array of recalls are made, and it’s a good idea to stay abreast of what’s safe and what isn’t, especially when purchasing items from independent sellers on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji. If something isn’t brand new, it’s best to do a check. 

Here are some of the items to be on the lookout for this holiday season. 

Placote My First Words Cube recalled

My First Words from Placote is an educational toy for children that’s been found to contain too much lead. Health Canada recalled the toy in November 2022 upon fears the ingredients in the toy could be toxic. 

Lead can cause a full array of health problems and can lead to anemia, stunted growth, heart problems, and even death.  Give this one back to the store if you have it, for a refund. 

Green Sprout Toddler Stainless Steel Bottles Recalled

Several water bottles and sippy cups were recalled in the US because their base can break off, exposing the users to lead on the items’ solder. Again, this is a definite purchase to avoid. Check out the details here.  

Wall-mounted basketball goal recalled

Health Canada also recalled a number of goal systems for basketball that can be mounted on the wall. It was feared that improper installation could lead to the hoop falling on someone and causing injuries or even killing someone. Get a hoop with a good track record for safe times on the court.  

Target Plush Toy recalled

Plush toys might seem pretty straightforward when it comes to safety but not always. Target has recalled their Cloud Island 4-piece set because some of the vehicles’ parts can detach and kids can choke on them. Make sure toys you buy for young ones aren’t going to harm them. 

Honda ATVs recalled 

Older kids might be getting a more substantial “toy” this season, which might include an all-terrain-vehicle (ATV). Just make sure you aren’t purchasing a vehicle that’s been pulled from circulation. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled the 2022 model year Honda TRX90X ATV because its throttle cable gets stuck. This can lead to crashing hazards and the potential for substantial injuries. 

Sold in both white and red, the VIN range for the recalled items are 1HFTE5505N4****** through 1HFTE5502N4******. 

Find out more by clicking here.

Many consumer product recalls occur all the time. If you’re worried about a certain purchase you’ve made or one you would like to make, check this official US database online.  Stay safe during your holidays while still keeping the season fun. 

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