3 Pillow-Based Exercises to Work Out Your Abs

3 Pillow-Based Exercises to Work Out Your Abs

A lot of people say they don’t exercise due to a lack of gym membership or proper equipment.

We’re here to tell you to stop making excuses. You can still get fit like a regular gym goer – and all you’ll need is your bed pillow.

These awesome ab exercises can be done without anything but a pillow and some elbow grease. Once you’ve gotten your pillow from your bed, it’s time to get to work. Hold the following moves for 20 seconds each, or longer if you can manage it, whether you’re at home, or on the road  – we know that hotel has at least one pillow in there.


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Sit-Up and Heel Tap

Put your pillow between your thighs, and lay on the floor with your knees bent. Sit up, lift your heels off the floor, touching your ankles with your fingers. Repeat the movement for 20 seconds.

Cushioned Reverse Crunch

Place your pillow underneath you, supporting your lower back, and then lift your legs straight up. Once your legs reach 90 degrees, lift your hips from the floor; repeat for 20 seconds.

V-Ups and Lift

Start with back and feet lifted about 6 inches off the floor, holding your pillow between your hands. Now, lift the pillow over your head while you bring your knees into a tucking position. Finally, bring the pillow down as you extend your legs back to the starting position. Repeat for 20 seconds.

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