Toronto’s Infamous Ex-Mayor Rob Ford Dies of Rare Form of Cancer

Toronto’s Infamous Ex-Mayor Rob Ford Dies of Rare Form of Cancer

Toronto’s controversial ex-mayor, Rob Ford, has passed away at the age of 46 from a rare form of cancer.

The outspoken mayor was known locally for declaring himself a supporter of the ‘little guy’ and an eliminator of ‘the gravy train’ at city hall.

Ford had his fifteen minutes of fame in a wider scope making headlines and becoming a frequent topic on international late-night T.V for his alleged addiction to hard drugs and outlandish public statements.

Ford, a married man with two young children, would have turned 47 this coming May if he had not lost his battle with pleomorphic liposarcoma.

The rare form of cancer is a fast-growing cancerous tumor that develops in connective soft tissues like bone, fat and muscle.

Liposarcomas, specifically, come from fat cells and ‘pleomorphic’ means that every cell in the tumor looks different, under a microscope.


According to Dr. Zane Cohen who updated the press on Ford’s condition in September of 2014 after Ford’s initial diagnosis, there are about 20,000 sarcoma cases every year in the U.S and at the very most, a few thousand cases of liposarcomas.

As rare and unique as Rob Ford himself, pleomorphic liposarcomas form just  1% of all cancers.

Ford underwent 18 months of treatment and multiple rounds of chemotherapy to shrink his original tumor enough to have it removed surgically.

Two new tumors surfaced months later, forcing the politician to take a break from being at city hall as a councilman.

An outpouring of condolences on Twitter remembers Ford and offers sympathy to his family.

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