Can’t Sleep At Night, Thinking Your Penis is Too Short? Read This and Rest Assured

Can’t Sleep At Night, Thinking Your Penis is Too Short? Read This and Rest Assured

Think your penis is too short? Apparently, many men do.

Being afraid that your package doesn’t quite pack a punch is a common thought. A study published in the British Journal of Urology International has found that up to 45 percent of men think their penis is too small. Whoa, guys-that’s almost half the male population!

But the reality is that most men who seek a penis enlargement actually fall within the normal scale for penile length.

What is that, specifically? The average penis measures 5.6 inches long when erect, according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine. It’s just that, most men don’t seem to have a proper view of what’s normal, (thanks, porn stars).


Embracing consumers’ fears, penis enlargement products, including a plethora of pills, potions and pumps abound, but it’s all false advertising. Says Thomas J. Walsh, M.D., an associate professor of urology and director of the University of Washington Men’s Health Center to, “To date there’s never been a cream, a pill, or anything of that nature that’s been shown to benefit phallus size.”

Think you’re different? If you think your friend is losing it’s total length when erect, see a doctor as erectile dysfunction has a strong connection with heart problems and cardiovascular events, like heart attacks.

If you still fear that you have a micro penis that won’t satisfy, take a moment to read up on these six things you should know if you have small parts, like the fact that most micro penises can be found in North Korea. (Really? Where do they get this stuff?) You can also find positions that are said to help under the covers. Sometimes petite is underrated.




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