Why December Can Trigger Depression

Why December Can Trigger Depression

Too much to do, not enough resources and bad memories can all lead you to a negative space.

The holiday season can be a season so full of joy. Laughter, time together, the perfect gifts and wonderful food. But it can also bring sadness and with it, depression.

Why do these important times take a nasty turn, for some?

An article on Forbes.com cited family issues and our expectations as key culprits.

Plainly put, some people don’t have great memories of the holidays from years before, and they don’t keep in contact with their family now due abuse and conflict. Being caught up in the midst of a month that tends to focus a lot on familial gatherings can be difficult, to say the least.

“Are you getting together with your family?” “No, I hate them,” or “I certainly hope not,” aren’t responses that are easy to say, nor do they go down well socially. So, it can all be rather awkward.

Experts recommend that, if this is true for you, you have a plan in place as the holidays begin. If you need to avoid your family in order to stay safe and happy, that’s a good step.

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It can also help to readjust and redefine your definition of ‘family’. It can include close friends, colleagues and neighbors, and not necessarily blood relatives.

Managing your expectations goes hand-in-hand with having a plan. What would make you happy this season? Do you really need to stress about getting to every holiday event, and aim to buy gifts for all your contacts?

Some say it can help to make a list of events you would like to go to. Consider the cost and the time needed to attend them all. If you can’t actually make it comfortably, when you think about it, scratch that one off the list. Did you scratch off everything? Doesn’t matter-some years are busier than others, and time doesn’t always allow for a lot of celebration. But remember, there’s always next year.

And when it comes to shopping, try your best to be realistic. Deal in cash (no credit!). Pace yourself, and don’t get everything at the last minute or, inevitably, you’ll end up using your credit for groceries come January. Choose those people you’d like to purchase something for, and stick to your list. If you can’t afford gifts this season, try to make something or just spend time with those you love. That’s what matters and is the most fun. You have the right to make the holidays your own.

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