These Are the Top 5 Healthiest Crackers in America

These Are the Top 5 Healthiest Crackers in America

You want crunchiness, you want taste, you need saltiness and all that glows…

It’s the time of year for chocolates, candies, calories and fat. It’s all delicious, but sometimes the thought of staying atop your health, or regaining it could come to mind, (sometimes, maybe).

Yes, chips are a delicious way of avoiding sugar.  But they aren’t really doctor-recommended. Crackers are even better, as they cut the fat, and possibly your salt intake. Here are some of the best on the market, for your health, according to Consumer Reports:

1) Triscuit Reduced Fat

Triscuits are a household favorite, but they can rack up the calories and fat. Go for the reduced version and get your fix of that wheaty crunchiness, without the worries.

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2) Ritz Hint of Salt

What holiday party can rock without puttin’ something on a Ritz? Cut the salt and you’ll be reducing your risk of hypertension and heart trouble.

3) Wheat Thins Hint of Salt

Wheat Thins offer somewhat of a selective taste. Slightly sweet, they’re for the cracker eater who wants that crispness without the weight (hence, ‘thins’). By eating the salt-reduced version, again, you’re doing your system a favor.

Experts recommend that your selectiveness not end with the crackers. What you put on them is really where you can rack up calories. Indulge with restraint, enjoy your favorite cheeses and dips but avoid going back a third time. If you can. Well, what the heck, it’s the holidays. A fourth time.

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