How Soon After Cataract Surgery Can You Have Sex?

How Soon After Cataract Surgery Can You Have Sex?

It doesn’t take months, but you’ll need more than a few days before getting frisky.

The FDA has just approved a lens implant for people who need cataract surgery. It’s something that can be adjusted after surgery so that patients who need that little bit extra can improve their vision without needing to go out and buy additional eyeglasses.

It’s a great invention and makes life that much easier. But how soon can you have sex? Yes, inquiring minds want to know.

When it comes to recovering after cataract surgery, the straightforward answer is, not right away.

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Everyone who undergoes the procedure needs to give their eyes time to heal. This means, avoiding strenuous activity for a while, and no bending over, which can put pressure on your eyes.

As Dr. Wayne Bizer of the American Academy of Ophthalmology states that, typically, ‘gentle marital relations’ can begin a week after your surgery. Every patient is different though, and the length of time you need to heal depends on your health and the nature of the operation you underwent.

Make sure you check in with your eye doctor if you have specific questions about recovering from the surgery. It’s known for being a simple and short procedure (about 10 minutes) with few complications for otherwise healthy people.

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