Some Men Are Feeling Sick After an Orgasm and No One Knows Why

Some Men Are Feeling Sick After an Orgasm and No One Knows Why

Are your symptoms really the flu, or is it POIS?

Nature works in weird ways. Get this: according to this week’s news, having an orgasm can cause some men to develop flu-like symptoms that scientists can’t explain. And it can go on for about a week.

If you develop feelings like fatigue, muscle weakness, a fever, some sinus congestion or even burning eyes and incoherent speech (!) after ejaculating, you could have the condition.

It’s called Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome or POIS for short. (How’s that for a practical name?)

Very little is known about POIS, with the first case being reported on as recently as 2002, and only a total of 50 cases having been described in medical literature.

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The condition, which is essentially like being allergic to your own semen, has affected some males since the first time they ejaculated. For others, having POIS popped up later in life.

The symptoms can surface after masturbation, following partnered sex, and in the middle of a wonderful dream while sleeping.

Is it an autoimmune disorder? It’s unclear but it looks like it could be. Unfortunately, POIS has no known treatment or cure, and so if you have it, you may have to simply grit your teeth-or hold your nose- and bear it.

One thing is for certain: hardly anyone has it. If you have some congestion and aching muscles, grabbing some cold medication and heading to bed could be the best thing to do. It could simply be a virus.

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