Pubic Hair Transplants: Here’s Why Women Are Doing It

Pubic Hair Transplants: Here’s Why Women Are Doing It

Hair transplants are common for men, but as some women age, a new order is coming in. Ladies are now choosing to do the procedure on their precious parts, for a surprising reason.

Many women–and men–love the idea of laser hair removal. It provides a permanent solution to the desire to go bare.

From forearms and legs to underarms and bikini lines, laser hair removal can target the hair follicle and damage it, for the better.

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Laser treatment makes the hair grow in much more finely once it comes back- in fact, it grows in so finely that you won’t even notice it’s there, says one reconstructive and plastic surgeon near Cleveland. That’s the secret to its success.


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Needless to say, laser removal can make life a lot easier: gone are the days and hours of tedious shaving and waxing.

But what if you change your mind? Can you ever go back?

Yes. Strangely enough, the internet is now a-glow with stories of bikini line laser hair removal reversals.

Women are actually putting hair back in ‘down there’. They’re having bikini line hair transplants.

Laser Hair Removal


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Why are women doing it? Reports say that they regret deciding to go bare ‘way back when’, and are now wanting a more natural look and feel. So they’re setting aside time to pluck hair from their head and having it put in you-know-where.

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Take the case of a 42-year old female from London, England. Her identity was protected by reporters at her request, and she’s referred to as ‘Monica’ in her story recently told to

Monica revealed that she’d removed her pubic hair for years- she waxed routinely, in salons and at home. Her young lovers loved it.

Women are choosing to do hair transplants along the bikini line to go au naturel and skip the Brazilian.

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After getting married though, it was a different story. She and her husband had kids and that’s when he finally admitted that he actually preferred the natural look. No more Brazilians. It didn’t really super-matter, but if push came to shove plainly said, he’d go for a bush.

And so, Monica tried diligently to grow things back. But it was a pubic wasteland. Her efforts were in vain. She’d waxed so much that the results were almost the same as if she’d had laser hair removal.

Her follicles were so damaged that her vaginal coif was pretty much bald- patchy in places, at best.

The Transplant


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But she was not to be outdone. Being the positive, forward-thinking woman that she was, Monica decided to fix the situation. She went to see a professional who does hair transplants and the rest, as they say, is pubic hair history.

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The doctor took hair from Monica’s head and pricked it in down below, sowing the seeds of reversal.

Women are choosing to do hair transplants along the bikini line to go au naturel and skip the Brazilian.

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5 months later, (the hair had to grow out), Monica now has a proud swath of lush pubic hair and gone is the clear-cut valley where she once took it all off, forever.

What’s the moral of the story? Maybe you won’t always hate your pubes. It may be hard to imagine now but maybe one day, they will seem like a close friend.

But we’re not here to preach and convert. Wax and laser away.

You can always get the stuff back- all you need is with a bit of local anesthetic, some cash, a creative, accredited hair transplant doctor and a good dose of patience.

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