Is Caffeine Good For Your Skin?

Is Caffeine Good For Your Skin?

It wakes you up in the morning and cures your headache, but what else can caffeine do?

So, I’m sitting in a coffee shop sipping my chai latte, when I notice it: the rough patches on my face. You can’t really see them, but they’re there.

They’re the result of too many hard water showers and cold winter wind, whipping at my face. I make a mental note to pick up more moisturizer, and take another sip.


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And then it dawns on me- is caffeine good for your skin? I’m not going to fool myself. I know drinking coffee isn’t going to make things clear up, and I can wish away.

What about applying it to your face, though?

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I decide to do some research, and dig up the goods. They seem pretty delicious. Here is why caffeine is found in so many skin care products:

Reverse Sun Damage


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According to, caffeine in skin creams could reverse the effects of damage caused by the sun. A study completed in 2009 and published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology showed that topical applications for caffeine in mice caused cells damaged by sun radiation to ‘self destruct’.

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This amazing discovery could help anyone with exposure to the sun, and especially those suffering from non-melanoma skin cancers, researchers stated.

Target Dark Circles


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Since the caffeine is known to constrict small blood vessels and to  reduce inflammation, it can be found in skin creams that reduce dark circles under your eyes.

It can also cause dehydration, which in this case is a benefit, as caffeine can draw excess fluid out of your fat cells, and improve the overall look of skin.

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So, the miracle ingredient is much more than an early morning energizer and an alternative to Advil. It won’t balance your check book, but it sure comes close.

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