The Perils of Sleeping With an (Enemy) Fan

The Perils of Sleeping With an (Enemy) Fan

It can feel great in the moment, but all that breeze can bring sinus irritations and more.

Heat waves can be amazing. You may have suffered through a long, harsh winter and all that sun and warm air is something that may help get you through the next one.

If you’re living in tight quarters though, or anywhere above the second floor, without air conditioning, they can be a struggle. In fact, enduring one can actually be deadly.

Here’s hoping that if you’re going through hot times, you’re in relatively good health and you can access a break and some cool air at work or someplace like the mall, in the evenings. And that you have a quality fan.

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Getting a good night’s sleep can be next to impossible without one, in July. These machines do, however, come with some drawbacks. What are they?

Simple irritations like dry skin, can surface. With all that air passing over your skin for hours, it can happen. You also may find that pollen and dust are being stirred up in your environment, when you use one.

Find you’re sneezing? It could be allergies, not a cold. However, since exposing yourself to a fan overnight can also dry out your sinuses, you may be more prone to catching an infection.

But at least you’re getting some rest. I’d go for dry nasal passages any day, over a foggy brain caused by restless tossing and turning. Your choice!

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