Man Finds Kentucky Fried Lung in His Fast Food Meal

Man Finds Kentucky Fried Lung in His Fast Food Meal

When you order chicken at KFC, they’ll ask if you prefer drumsticks or thighs. Sometimes they’ll sneak in a wing, which is a buzz kill – it’s smaller, and more skin than meat.

Marc Nicholls would’ve taken a wing over what he found in his bucket of chicken though.

He was left on the verge of vomiting after realizing the meat behind that patented KFC coating was a lung.

‘It was disgusting,’ Nicholls, 30, told the Daily Mail Australia. ‘It was absolutely vile. I pulled a piece off, then found that and spat the rest out.’

He told the staff, who told him they suspected it was a lung. That’s all they did for him; Nicholls didn’t even get a refund, but was advised to contact customer service.

A KFC spokesman said the offending ‘meat’ was most likely a chicken lung or kidney that had been missed during preparation.

KFC has lost at least one customer through all this: Nicholls, who’s vowed to never return to the fried chicken joint again.

‘When you’re eating junk food, you’re actually getting junk.’

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