Is Nail Polish That Bad for Your Nails?

Is Nail Polish That Bad for Your Nails?

Some say that it’s actually good for them. What’s your take?

Adding a little sparkle, color and shine to your nails is always fun. Is it true, however, that wearing polish all the time is a death sentence for your nails’ natural beauty?

From what we can tell, no. It seems to be a myth that your nails need “time to breathe”.  They don’t “need oxygen” or time alone. For most people, wearing nail polish for long periods of time isn’t going to harm your nails at all, they say. In fact, some say that wearing polish actually protects your nails from chipping and breaking by adding an extra layer to them. 

Of course, if you wear your polish for a long period of time and then notice some damage to your nails once you remove it, however, it could be time to take a break.

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Experts say it’s possible to develop something known as keratin granulation. This can create rough white patches on your nails, which can heal if you give your fingers a polish-break for a few weeks. 

The one thing you should look out for though, is your cuticles. These are at the base of your nails to protect them from getting infected. So, if you find yourself tempted to cut them back or otherwise “reshape” them, think twice. 

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