Mylan Recalls 81,00 EpiPens After They Fail to Work

Mylan Recalls 81,00 EpiPens After They Fail to Work

EpiPens are lifesaving devices that you can always count on- except, terrifyingly, when you can’t.

If you suffer from any severe allergy that causes you to go into anaphylactic shock, knowing your EpiPen is nearby at all times can give you great peace of mind.

But what if you learned that your life-saving device wouldn’t actually work?

This is what happened in two cases outside of the U.S. Extreme allergy sufferers abroad tried to use Mylan EpiPens in two recent emergency situations, only to have them fail.

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What is known is that as a result of these mishaps, Mylan has thankfully recalled its EpiPens in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Japan.

Mylan Failures

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Is this totally crazy, or is it just me? Isn’t it entirely integral to the product that an EpiPen always works??

Apparently, no one died as a result of Mylan’s failures, as patients were able to reach for an alternative EpiPen in time, but the incidences are deeply troubling.

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Mylan is the same company that increased the price tag for its lifesaving pens from $100 for a two pack to just over $600, overnight. Evil doesn’t have another name.

Mylan has also been heavily criticized for succeeding in having EpiPens re-classified as a generic drug, rather than a brand name one.


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By doing this, the company now gets to issue smaller rebates to state Medicaid programs, successfully hitting those who need help the most, the hardest.

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What’s next? To scare us more, according to online reports Mylan just received a tentative approval from the FDA to start working on HIV therapy drugs.

Seems like these guys just love putting a price on life wherever they can. And apparently, that tag is one only the rich can afford.

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