Why Epi Pens Have Gone Up So Much in Price

Why Epi Pens Have Gone Up So Much in Price

Those who suffer from anaphylactic shock are in for a double whammy: the price of the lifesaving pen Epi Pen has gone up by 400%.

According to today.com, former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli is now calling the Mylan company- the one major manufacturer of Epi Pens- “vultures” for increasing the cost from around $100 in 2008 to the $500 price tag they now bear.

Epi Pens work to save the lives of those who have extreme, life-threatening allergic reactions that can cause the body to go into anaphylactic shock.

This extreme state of shock causes the victim’s blood pressure to drop suddenly and the airways to become blocked, potentially leading to death.

A jab in the leg with an Epi Pen administers adrenaline to the body and works to buy the victim extra precious minutes while more comprehensive emergency medical help is obtained.


And so a price gouge does seem, well, very unethical. Is there a good reason for the big decision?

Forbes.com is saying that the company, Mylan, raised the price so drastically because, well, they could.

As one can easily imagine,  adults and parents of those suffering from severe allergies and living on tight budgets are now struggling to afford the protection for themselves and their children that is deserved and needed.

They are being forced to make choices they shouldn’t have to.

So, one has to ask: does anyone in the higher ranks at Mylan suffer from a condition that requires an Epi Pen?

Sounds like maybe not. Or maybe money is their lifesaving device, and they lack so much spirit they need to inject that much excess into their soul every year. Just sayin’.

Common big M- you’re big without the price hike. And much more noble.

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