This is the Underrated Cut of Chicken You Should be Buying

This is the Underrated Cut of Chicken You Should be Buying

While cooking a whole chicken is a satisfying accomplishment (and they look great on Instagram, to boot), it takes time and apartment-heating ovens to cook it all the way through.

Even cooking a cut that has the bone still in requires lots and lots of heat – not something you’d want in the scorching heat of summer.

The solution? Boneless, skinless chicken thighs.


Now we love crispy skin and different cuts as much as the next person, but we don’t always need to have it. There are tons of benefits to be garnered from this underrated chicken cut, including:

  • They cook faster than bone thighs
  • Less chance of messing up than dealing with breasts or whole birds
  • More luxe than other cuts
  • No extra skin or bones, which adds to price
  • Perfect for your Instant Pot
  • They soak up salt easily, making for simple, fast meal prep
  • Easier to wrangle thanks to the skinnier, malleable thighs

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Even if you’re a value pack chicken supporter, there’s often too much extra skin, bones, and fat that just add to cost rather than your plate. The next time you feel like chicken tonight, consider the underdog part of the bird – its delicious thighs.

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