What to Look for In Your Botox Provider

What to Look for In Your Botox Provider

Everyone wants to look younger. Safety should come first, however, when striving to revive your face.

Rumor has it that it’s best to avoid Botox parties, if this a route you want to explore. Why? Botox gone wrong isn’t pretty. You don’t want to paralyze your muscles in the wrong position, or risk serious infection.

If you’re considering having the procedure done, there are some key points ton keep in mind. You want to end up with the freshest, newest version of you that you can.

Here’s how to get the results you want:

1) Look For Referrals From Friends

Of course, if your friends like to fly by the seat of their pants and dive off a cliff with their hair on fire, look elsewhere.

But if you notice someone now looks that much younger and you trust their judgment, don’t be afraid to ask. Where did they have it done?

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2) Seek Out a Clinic With Certified Professionals

Botox is a medical injection. You want someone who is a certified nurse, plastic surgeon, dermatologist or otolaryngologist performing the injections. Don’t agree to anything less. They should be board certified, and in some states only licensed physicians can inject Botox. Do your research, follow the rules and stay safe.

3) Ask For a Free Consultation

If the clinic you’re considering won’t conduct a free meeting with you to discuss your options, it could be a red flag. You want the person administering your juice to have a solid history of injecting Botox. They should also not hesitate to show off great before and after photos to prove it.

They should be happy to show you all this, free of charge.

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4) Search for Positive Reviews and Social Media Standing

OK, so this one has a few parameters. It’s well known that not all reviews-including some found on this site- are honest accounts from patients. Most are. But be aware of the fact that some review sites allow the professionals being reviewed to pay to have negative comments removed.

And everyone knows that followers can be bought by the thousands on platforms such as Twitter.

Do the reviews online seem legitimate? Is there a realistic mix of good and bad? If most clients are warning you to stay away, do so. But if many seem genuinely pleased with the work, it’s likely a good sign.

5) Get A Follow-Up Appointment

The clinic should also offer you a follow-up check in to ensure all is going as planned.
Happy hunting!


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