How Your Dream For An Organic Drive-Thru Is Coming True With Amy’s Restaurant

How Your Dream For An Organic Drive-Thru Is Coming True With Amy’s Restaurant

Amy’s Kitchen has opened the first-ever organic drive-thru, Amy’s Restaurant, in Rohnert California. The vegetarian restaurant is reporting line ups of 20 minutes or longer at the drive-thru, with customers waiting for everything from gluten-free pizza to vegan mac ‘n’ cheese.


Amy’s Kitchen is known for their vegetarian organic frozen food sold in supermarkets. The company marketed their first product, Amy’s Vegetable Pot Pie, in 1988 and has been growing in popularity ever since, with individually packaged frozen veggie burritos at the top of many food-conscious consumers’ grocery lists.

The restaurant, which features tables made from retired auto brake drums and recycled wood, is paying employees a living wage with benefits and claims that it aims to expand across the Bay Area.


Prices are matching drive-thru competitors with veggie burgers costing $2.99, burritos $4.69 and salad around $3.99 USD.

“The actual demand has been a bit overwhelming,” said Paul Schiefer, a representative from Amy’s, on a report on ABC 7. “So many people have shown up and it’s giving us a lot of hope that this is a concept that works.”

The drive-thru as a concept goes way back. The first restaurant for wheels was created in 1947 by Sheldon “Red” Chaney, operator of Red’s Giant Hamburg in Springfield, Missouri which served customers until closing in 1984, along the famous Route 66.

The most renowned drive-thru, McDonald’s, opened on April 15th, 1955 at 400 North Lee Avenue in Des Plaines, Illinois, near Chicago.

Amy’s Kitchen co-founders, Andy and Rachel Berliner, have a solid road of experience in the organic food business behind them with Rachel’s family growing and advocating organic vegetables and fruits since the 1950s and Andy’s experience as the former president and majority shareholder of the Magic Mountain Herb Tea company.[2]

As a company that makes over 130 gluten-free eating options and is serving burgers, shakes & fries made with organic and non GMO ingredients, “Fresh Veggies from the farm around the corner,” “French Fries with a story to tell,” and “Gluten-free and vegan options for everything,” Amy’s Restaurant is sure to have something eatable on the menu for everyone.


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