Meet the Wheelchair that Lets Riders Get Around Standing Up

Meet the Wheelchair that Lets Riders Get Around Standing Up

What would you do if you were paralyzed from the waist down? Invent a wheelchair that allows you to stand up, of course.

Amit Goffer, 63, was in an all-terrain vehicle accident in 1997 that left him without the use of his legs and with just limited mobility in his arms. The innovative Israeli, who obviously does well at rising to the challenge, (no pun intended), has taken his setback and turned it into an opportunity.

According to, Goffer wanted to have a device that could help him wheel around town in an upright position, and so he put his mind to work. The result is a stand-up wheel chair on four wheels, invented by his own start-up company, UPnRIDE.


The UPnRIDE invention allows users to travel over any surface, be it an uphill or downhill slope in the upright position. The machine has a difficult job to do as it ensures riders maintain a steady center of gravity, while minimizing their risk of falling over.

The company is looking forward to running a clinical trial of the product and a second study with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in New York in the near future.

And while the invention isn’t yet completely finalized, Goffer is pleased with what he feels it can bring to some people.

“The dignity, self esteem … to feel like part of society again, the core of society, not the fringe of society – the psychological effect is dramatic,” Goffer said to Reuters.

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